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Valimai Review: A Action Spectacle


H. Vinoth




Ajith Kumar, Karthikeya, Huma Qureshi, Gurbani Judge


H. Vinoth


Boney Kapoor


178 minutes

Release Date

February 24, 2022

H. Vinoth helmed the Tamil action flick Valimai, which stars Ajith Kumar. Arjun, an honorable police officer who despises violence, is the film's protagonist. Arjun is recruited to put down an outlaw motorbike gang that has been wreaking havoc in Chennai. The film may have a formulaic plot, but it makes up for it with thrilling action set pieces. Valimai is an exciting viewing experience that will appeal to fans of action films thanks to Ajith Kumar's sincere portrayal and some memorable moments of high-octane thrills. The picture benefited from better editing, but it could have done without so many subplots involving the protagonist's family. Despite its predictable plot, Valimai is an exciting action extravaganza that any fan of the genre should not miss.


The awaited action film Valimai, helmed by H. Vinoth and starring Ajith Kumar, lives up to the hype by providing a nonstop flurry of excitement that will keep fans of the genre enthralled. Although the plot is rather straightforward, the film makes up for it with thrilling action scenes that will keep audiences enthralled. It successfully juggles high-octane thrills and emotional interest thanks to Ajith Kumar’s sincere performance and a stellar supporting ensemble.

Valimai Review:

Valimai easily stands out from the crowd thanks to its emphasis on its strength in action sequences, which transport the viewer to a world of relentless pursuits and high-stakes showdowns. The film doesn’t spend any time getting to Ajith Kumar’s Assistant Commissioner of Police Arjun. Arjun, a police officer beloved by the community who has a spotless record and dislike of violence, is tasked with taking down a band of outlaw motorcyclists creating havoc in Chennai.

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As soon as Arjun enters the city, things start to heat up, and the audience is treated to thrilling pursuit sequences that will have them on the tip of their seats. These exciting action scenes are the film’s saving grace anytime the plot drags or gets predictable. In particular, the film’s skill at providing nail-biting excitement is on display during a captivating chase that lasts for about fifteen to twenty minutes in the second act.

While the action sequences in Valimai are excellent, the episodes that focus on the people who are close to Arjun are not always as successful. Especially in the family-focused parts, which tend toward melodrama, the film’s bloated three-hour runtime could have benefited from tighter editing. Even with a few stumbles, the movie keeps moving thanks to its exciting action sequences.

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The supporting cast’s work is also worthy of praise. Huma Qureshi excels and injects a breath of fresh air into the story. Although Karthikeya’s portrayal of the gang boss, the adversary, is intriguing, he is not developed enough to create a lasting impression. Ajith Kumar’s performance as ACP Arjun is memorable, though, because of the boldness with which he tackles the film’s hard feats on motorcycles and automobiles.

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When Valimai is true to itself as an action-oriented spectacle, it succeeds. The film captures the attention of its audience. It guarantees an exciting ride through its use of relentless pursuers, high-speed chases, and jaw-dropping stunts. The movie’s major flaw is that it tries too hard to appeal to a wide demographic. Valimai could have reached new heights with a tighter narrative that avoided sidetracks.


Valimai provides an exciting film experience that transcends its formulaic plot. Valimai is an action-packed blockbuster. It showcases the unmistakable chemistry between director H. Vinoth and Ajith Kumar, building on the success of their previous film together, Nerkonda Paarvai. Vinoth and Ajith Kumar. Even though the story isn’t particularly original, the film makes up for it with plenty of exciting action scenes. Action fans who want an exciting experience that will leave them wanting more will enjoy Valimai.

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  • Ajith Kumar underwent extensive training to master bike stunts and combat techniques for his role as Assistant Commissioner of Police Arjun, showcasing his commitment to authenticity and elevating the film's action sequences.


  • In one of the chase sequences, there is a noticeable continuity error where Ajith Kumar's motorcycle changes color from black to red and back again.