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Mavka: The Forest Song Review


Oleh Malamuzh, Oleksandra Ruban




Natalka Denisenko, Artem Pyvovarov, Olena Kravets


Lesya Ukrainka


Iryna Kostiuk, Yehor Olesov, Anna Yelisieieva


90 minutes

Release Date

March 2, 2023

Mavka: The Forest Song is a movie with heartfelt stories and timeless lessons from fairy tales. It will capture the imaginations of children and leave a lasting impact on adults. It shows off the rich culture history of Ukraine by taking people to a mythical world where the importance of nature and the results of people's actions come together in a fascinating story.

Mavka: The Forest Song Review: It is a funny Ukrainian fairy tale with a lot of environmental themes.


Mavka: The Forest Song is a Ukrainian fairy tale fantasy film directed by Oleh Malamuzh and Oleksandra Ruban. It takes viewers on a trip through a magical world based on Slavic mythology. Mavka is a fun movie for both kids and adults to watch because of its interesting story, bright animation, and underlying environmental themes.


The Plot and Characters:

In Mavka: The Forest Song, people and forest spirits are at odds with each other because of a long-forgotten war. The story follows Lucas, a young man who has to find the elusive tree of healing. Eddy Lee portrays Lucas with depth and vulnerability, bringing the character to life. Mavka, the beautiful forest nymph, is brought to life by Laurie Hymes. Both the forest spirits and the humans don’t like Lucas and Mavka’s complicated relationship, which adds a layer of drama and conflict to the story.

Visuals and Animation:

The animation in Mavka: The Forest Song is full of bright colors and creative designs that are a treat for the eyes. Even though the animation may look a bit old-fashioned by today’s standards, it still has a charming and playful quality that goes well with the fantastic story. Detail in how the magical forest and its people are shown adds to the visual appeal of the movie as a whole.

Voice Acting and Music:

When judging the voice acting, it’s important to think about how hard it is to judge a dub. Even if some lines don’t sound right when said with an American accent, the voice artists do a good job of capturing the essence of their characters. It would have been interesting to hear an English-speaking group that fit the Ukrainian feel of the story, but despite this small flaw, the acting is good.

The music in the movie, which is a mix of generic synth score and lively Ukrainian folk tunes with striking close harmonies, helps to create an immersive atmosphere. The traditional Ukrainian melodies add to the story’s cultural realism by making a sound tapestry that fits the story’s core.

Themes and Impact:

Mavka: The Forest Song is a beautiful story with strong environmental themes. The story shows how important it is for people and nature to get along with each other. It also shows what happens when people are greedy and don’t care about the environment. The movie teaches important lessons about vanity and selfishness in the form of classic fairytale lessons.


Mavka doesn’t use postmodern irony like many modern movies do. Instead, it tells stories in a true and honest way, which is a nice change from Hollywood’s usual style. Even though it’s mostly for kids, adults can still enjoy the film’s artistic beauty and underlying themes, even if the kids might miss some of the subtleties.


Mavka: The Forest Song captivates viewers with its engrossing plot, lovely animation, and moving environmental themes. Even though the animation may not be up to date with the latest technical advances, it has a unique charm. The dubbed voices capture the spirit of the characters. The music immerses the audience in a world of Ukrainian folk songs.

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  • The soundtrack of the movie includes songs performed by popular Ukrainian musicians, such as Jamala, Dakh Daughters, and Brunettes Shoot Blondes.


  • In one scene, Mavka, the main character, is shown wearing a red dress as she dances in the moonlight. However, in the next shot, the dress suddenly changes to blue without any explanation or transition. This continuity error is noticeable and can momentarily confuse the audience, as there is no logical reason for the sudden change in Mavka's dress color within the same sequence.